Our Team

The C.O.R.E. Team
Where Confidence. Optimism. Resilience. & Energy. are promoted and encouraged. We are a mindful movement + meditation studio focused on teaching unique, results-driven workouts through the principles of Pilates, yoga, meditation and strength training. Our goal is to create a special place where people not only connect to the community, but more importantly, to their selves and their own hearts. Your mat is waiting!
Currie Gossett, CORE
Currie Gossett
I fell in love with Pilates almost 20 years ago after an unfortunate back injury and quickly realized it was a movement principle that I had to do for the rest of my life.  My favorite part about it is that its benefits are endless, and can be tailored to every body, every level, and every skill.  Movement for me is about self-care and connecting to my mind and my breath in my otherwise hectic lifestyle.  
Our goal at C.O.R.E. is to help people feel like the best versions of themselves, even if just a tiny bit, every time they walk out of our doors.  I am most excited about creating a special place where people not only connect to community, but more importantly, to their selves and their own hearts.  Sometimes by slowing down and being purposeful in our whole-body health, we can actually go further in reaching our goals.
Brianna Rhea Movement
Brianna Rhea
Bri has always been fascinated with what the body and mind are capable of. She’s so excited to share the magic of mindful movement with you to feel comfortable, connected and at home within your body again. She is a forever student and is the kind of instructor who enjoys turning anything into a learning moment for everyone.  Bri loves creating a comprehensive practice for everyone by bringing moments of playfulness, creativity, and discovery within--for you to take what you learned and apply it to everyday life outside of the studio. Her favorite movement/pose is anything that feels strong, stable and long - some days it's an elephant stretch, other days it's a star or snake!  Her favorite go to treat is anything covered in dark chocolate!
Perrin White
Perrin White
“Through my own journey towards better health, I discovered a passion for understanding how to care for the mind as well as the body! Self care starts with caring for the self!
I’ve been a speech-language pathologist for the past decade and specialize in treating orofacial myofunctional disorders. Partly to keep from going crazy, I became a registered yoga teacher during the pandemic, then went on to complete additional training as a certified breathing coach. I use breathing techniques learned with my patients everyday, but knew others needed help with this as well! 
I firmly believe that how you think, move, and live has the power to transform our lives, but just like everything, it takes practice and patience.
I’m excited to take on this journey, and hope you join me, one breath at a time.”
Laura McKenna
Laura McKenna
As powerful and graceful as yoga and yoga sculpt are, what I enjoy the most is how quickly and effortlessly they help me reset mentally. My goal is to help students unwind, disconnect from their busy routines and be fully present doing one thing at a time. Off the mat you can find me sipping an iced latte or with my pup and husband at Community Tap!
Kelly VanLeeuwen
Kelly VanLeeuwen
Kelly found Pilates while searching for the perfect complement to the rigors of her aerial training and her continuous struggle with hyper mobility. She completed a comprehensive contemporary Pilates teacher training through Club Pilates in 2018, and has been teaching between 15-30 classes a week since then. Kelly loves teaching in layers, offering customized progressions for everyone in class, breaking down complicated moves into attainable steps in order to keep students challenged, and keeping everyone encouraged in the process.

Brenda Weyl Pilates

Brenda Weyl

Brenda, along with her husband and fur-kids relocated to the Greenville area in 2018 after having lived most of her adult life in Atlanta.  Prior to undertaking a career in Pilates, she served as an operations executive in the communications and healthcare industries while maintaining fitness through Pilates, yoga, strength training and frequent hiking.  Her commitment to Pilates was born of a desire to continue to build physical strength and endurance despite joint issues and chronic muscle injuries. Her passion for Pilates took root after she left the corporate world and began to realize its significant rehabilitation capabilities and ability to promote spinal flexibility and full body movement. As she progressed, her passion deepened for bringing the many benefits of Pilates to individuals as well group fitness environments. 

She was awarded a 500-hour Pilates instructor certification by Club  Pilates and has consistently taught both private and group reformer and mat classes since. Brenda is also certified to teach Barre and enjoys bringing elements of this discipline to her Pilates flows. Her primary teaching goals are to inspire in others a commitment to Pilates-based breath and movement as primary vehicles for building life enhancing core strength, muscle flexibility and overall stability. She works to bring a sense of wonder and fun to each class she teaches.  

Meghan Bailey

I first learned about Pilates in a continuing education class while working as a Physical Therapist Assistant. I loved it so much I took the leap to change careers to pilates instructor and further my education through STOTT.  

In addition to my professional experience I am a dedicated athlete who has competed in many running and Triathlon races over the past 10 years. I am a true believer in the effectiveness of Pilates and the roll it plays in keeping any active body strong and healthy!  Meghan splits half the year in Naples, FL, so you will see her on our schedule during the summer months.



 Brooke Mills Graphic Design

Brooke Mills, Studio Manager and Wing Girl
I am so excited to be working with C.O.R.E. grow strong as their Social Media and Studio Manager. In 2016 I moved to Los Angeles, CA to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising where I received my A.A. degree in Merchandise Product Development. Upon graduation, I decided to move back to the south to attend Liberty University where I completed my B.A. degree in Graphic Design. I am so grateful that I am able to interact with all the amazing people I come in contact with day in and out through the studio. I can’t help but feel encouraged as I am surrounded by such strong, supportive and empowering women. I am thrilled to be taking on this role, and I look forward to working with each of you and answering any questions you may have!
Rachel Canale

Rachel is one of our amazing Reformer Pilates instructors here at C.O.R.E. grow strong. She believes listening to your body is the best way to heal, rejuvenate and grow. She has been helping people on their path to wellbeing through mindful movement for over a decade. Her class style is alignment-based, breath-centered and joyful. She has full certification through the Stott Pilates Method including Injuries & Special Populations, and is a 500-hr RYT, NASM PT and certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant.

Mara Goebelbecker
Mara found Pilates early on in life at the age of 14 as a cross training technique for her love of dance. Throughout her time at Florida State University as a dance major she regularly took Reformer and Mat Pilates to grow stronger as well as rehab back from injuries. What she loves most about Pilates is how it is meant for all people of all abilities and how quickly you can feel your body become stronger after finding Pilates. After graduation she sought out to get her certification through Balanced Body. Her classes focus on trying to gain a full understanding of each exercise with lots of breathing cues as well as encouragement to reach your full potential. After teaching in Greenville for the past year she is really excited about joining the C.O.R.E. team and looks forward to watching the clients become stronger and more confident in themselves!