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The C.O.R.E. Team
Where Confidence. Optimism. Resilience. & Energy. are promoted and encouraged. We are a mindful movement studio focused on teaching unique, results-driven workouts through the principles of classical and contemporary Pilates.  Our goal is to create a special place where people not only connect to the community, but more importantly, to their selves and their own hearts. Your mat is waiting!
Currie Gossett
Currie Gossett
I fell in love with Pilates almost 20 years ago after an unfortunate back injury and quickly realized it was a movement principle that I had to do for the rest of my life.  My favorite part about it is that its benefits are endless, and can be tailored to every body, every level, and every skill.  Movement for me is about self-care and connecting to my mind and my breath in my otherwise hectic lifestyle.  
Our goal at C.O.R.E. is to help people feel like the best versions of themselves, even if just a tiny bit, every time they walk out of our doors.  I am most excited about creating a special place where people not only connect to community, but more importantly, to their selves and their own hearts.  Sometimes by slowing down and being purposeful in our whole-body health, we can actually go further in reaching our goals.
Brianna Rhea, Lead Instructor
Coming from a background of weightlifting and strength training, Bri has always been fascinated at what the human body is capable of.  She graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in Exercise Science, and since then has honed her skills to have an in-depth understanding of various body types and injuries. Passionate about helping others, Bri focuses on alleviating pain and enhancing strength in her clients, ensuring each private session and group class is tailored to a person's unique needs. She is a lifelong learner and always looking to improve her expertise to empower others through the practice of Pilates.
Laura McKenna
As powerful and graceful as yoga and yoga sculpt are, what I enjoy the most is how quickly and effortlessly they help me reset mentally. My goal is to help students unwind, disconnect from their busy routines and be fully present doing one thing at a time. Off the mat you can find me sipping an iced latte or with my pup and husband at Community Tap!
Kelly VanLeeuwen
Kelly found Pilates while searching for the perfect complement to the rigors of her aerial training and her continuous struggle with hyper mobility. She completed a comprehensive contemporary Pilates teacher training through Club Pilates in 2018, and has been teaching between 15-30 classes a week since then. Kelly loves teaching in layers, offering customized progressions for everyone in class, breaking down complicated moves into attainable steps in order to keep students challenged, and keeping everyone encouraged in the process.

Brenda Weyl

Brenda Weyl

Brenda, along with her husband and fur-kids relocated to the Greenville area in 2018 after having lived most of her adult life in Atlanta.  Prior to undertaking a career in Pilates, she served as an operations executive in the communications and healthcare industries while maintaining fitness through Pilates, yoga, strength training and frequent hiking.  Her commitment to Pilates was born of a desire to continue to build physical strength and endurance despite joint issues and chronic muscle injuries. Her passion for Pilates took root after she left the corporate world and began to realize its significant rehabilitation capabilities and ability to promote spinal flexibility and full body movement. As she progressed, her passion deepened for bringing the many benefits of Pilates to individuals as well group fitness environments. 

She was awarded a 500-hour Pilates instructor certification by Club  Pilates and has consistently taught both private and group reformer and mat classes since. Brenda is also certified to teach Barre and enjoys bringing elements of this discipline to her Pilates flows. Her primary teaching goals are to inspire in others a commitment to Pilates-based breath and movement as primary vehicles for building life enhancing core strength, muscle flexibility and overall stability. She works to bring a sense of wonder and fun to each class she teaches.  

Jasmyn Agneaux
California native passionate about health and fitness. Spent many years as a runner, practicing Ashtanga yoga, spin classes and lifting weights. Craving  a new outlet and challenge and being intuitively called to explore Pilates. Trained in Venice CA in a studio and 2 years of privates before moving to South Carolina to undergo Peak Pilates Comprehensive training. The structure, discipline, movement and breathing in Classic Pilates became a final fitness destination. Nothing does what Pilates does for the body, mind and spirit.
Emma Finly Alonso
Emma began her journey into fitness through alpine ski-racing during her time at Killington Mountain School. She went on to earn a BS in Exercise Physiology at West Virginia University.  During college, she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Charleston Power Yoga in Charleston, SC and an additional 100 hours with Baron Baptiste in Sedona, AZ.

While finishing her degree, Emma participated in a 200-hour internship with the Pilates Studio of Morgantown. She was instantly hooked and completed her first 500 hour comprehensive certification through Balanced Body in 2015.  Her study of the Pilates system continued with a second 500 hour comprehensive certification through Peak Pilates in 2018.  Soon after, she
studied pre & postnatal Pilates with Fusion Pilates in Asheville, NC. In 2023, she began a third comprehensive certification: classical Pilates progressions with Karen Frischmann. In addition to formal trainings, Emma regularly participates in continuing education workshops and private lessons.

Emma continues to practice, learn, teach, and specialize in Classical Pilates, a distinct style that aims to adhere as closely as possible to the exercises, sequences, and intentions of the system’s creator, Joseph Pilates. Her passion for the “classical” form of Pilates was forever cemented when, after suffering a debilitating back injury, she learned firsthand its restorative power. Joseph Pilates’ system of exercises allowed a safe, targeted, and methodical recovery.

Emma hopes to bring all of these benefits to her clients so that they become the strongest versions of themselves.
Rebecca Turner
Rebecca Turner

Rebecca began her personal Pilates journey 3 years ago, and it was love at first reformer session. She knew she wanted to become a practitioner and help others to feel wonderful in their bodies. Rebecca truly believes that every body can benefit from Pilates. She completed her Level 1 certification with Peak Pilates in June 2023. While she received an excellent foundation in classical Pilates, Rebecca enjoys adding in elements of contemporary Pilates. She believes any time spent working on one’s health is time well spent. 

In her free time, Rebecca loves traveling with her husband, eating Mexican food and long walks through the aisles of Target. After living in Philadelphia for a few years, job opportunities have brought her family to Greenville and they could not be happier to be here! 

Hannah Trump

Hannah Renee Trump

Hannah is a former ballet dancer whose love for Pilates blossomed from her passion of dance and her journey of healing through scoliosis. From her earliest memories, Hannah was captivated by the elegance and precision of ballet, where every movement became a form of self-expression. However, her path took an unexpected twist when scoliosis became a part of her story. Turning to Pilates as a means of finding strength and balance, Hannah discovered Pilates became a source of empowerment, aiding her in managing and overcoming the physical challenges presented by scoliosis.

Currently immersed in the process of completing her comprehensive Pilates training, Hannah is fueled by a passion to share the transformative benefits of Pilates with others. Hannah invites you to join her on the reformer, where the graceful elements of ballet meet the restorative aspects of Pilates, creating a space for confidence, strength, and a shared commitment to the joy of movement.

Chandler Williams

Chandler immediately fell in love with pilates after taking her first class in 2022. The welcoming approach that invites every body to the mat opened Chandler’s eyes to the opportunities of improving one’s body and mind. With a background in exercise sport science and physical therapy, Chandler has a passion for coaching clients who are working to regain strength and mobility following an injury or those searching for a new regimented exercise plan. Chandler underwent her 500-hour comprehensive training from Club Pilates in 2023 and is excited to expand her teaching practice here at C.O.R.E.! Recently re-locating from Georgia, Chandler enjoys spending time with her family and exploring Greenville which she now calls home.

Susan Malsam

Susan has always loved all things sports and fitness. She started her teaching journey over 14 years ago with Pilates mat through Balanced Body quickly adding Pilates reformer as she discovered her love for Pilates. Passionate about expanding her knowledge of movement, she trained in barre, yoga sculpt, and yin yoga. She also completed her 500 RYT yoga certification with focus on anatomy and therapeutic aspects of yoga. Through her own yoga and Pilates practice, she has been able to regain and maintain strength, mobility and flexibility in her own body and loves to help students find the same in theirs. When she is not in the studio, Susan enjoys reading, roller blading, mountain biking and snowboarding.

Jess Teruel

Hi, I'm Jess! I'm a Greenville native and I love what the city has to offer. I've worked with small businesses over the past few years and have started my own business doing content creation for small businesses! I run a monthly women's group called "Ladies Brunch GVL" and I also host a local social media show called "The Jess Teruel Show" where I tell the stories of local businesses. I enjoy staying active, traveling, and of course, I love my dog, Sweeti. I'm thrilled to be joining the C.O.R.E. team as Studio Manager and I can't wait to meet you!


Stephanie Haverbeck

Stephanie Haverbeck

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