Top 5 Items for The Coziest Meditation Space

Half Moon Meditation Pillow

In the middle of our hectic society, and "rush around" lifestyles, it is SO important for us to take time for ourselves to focus on our goals, our intentions, and our wellness. Here at C.O.R.E. grow strong, we believe that one of the best ways to take some time for yourself is through meditation and breathwork. Meditation teaches us how to train our minds to focus and redirect our thoughts.
There are several health benefits to meditation including stress reduction, lower levels of anxiety, strong emotional health, self-awareness, better attention span, pain reduction, and improved sleep! One of the great things about meditation is that you can access it anywhere, at any time. These are our favorite things to help you fully tap into the best version of yourself!

1. Sugar Mat
The first item is a good mat. Our personal favorite mat is the Whimsy Tropical Leaf Mat from Sugar Mat! This is a dual sided mat that features a grippy texture, anti-slip material and provides a high-density cushion making it the most relaxing place for you to unwind!  (it's also machine-washable!)

2. Meditation Cushion
The next item is a Meditation Cushion, or "Zafu." The Half Moon Linen Mod Meditation Cushion is the perfect accessory to help elevate your meditation practice. Zafus are designed to elevate your hips and give you additional support so you can meditate for longer periods of time. This cushion is great for both the studio or when meditating at home.

3. Envision Planner
Truly elevate your meditation experience both on and off the mat with Nicole Meline’s Envision Planner! The Envision Planner is different from ordinary planners as it celebrates purposeful and intentional direction in life as opposed to the measure of success through productivity. This planner will teach you to cast your vision for the months ahead and the goals you hope to achieve in body, spirit, mind, family, health, adventure…etc! This is a game changer in our meditation practice.

4. doTERRA Diffuser + Essential Oils
The fourth item we love to include in our practice is an essential oil diffuser.  Our diffuser and oils of choice are from doTERRA! The diffuser really engages your senses both through smell and light to create a calm, soothing environment to go deeper in your practice. Some of our favorite oil blends are Lavender, Serenity, and Balance!

5. Softwear Joggers
Finally, and most important, get comfortable! While you meditate, having comfortable clothing on to relax and unwind really makes your overall experience so much better! Our personal favorite sweatpants are the Bone White Women’s Jogger from Softwear. The sweatpants are buttery soft and made from Softwear‘s signature cloud weave fabric. Once you put them on, you may just never take them off!

Whether you're just beginning your meditation practice, or advanced in your journey, we are here to help.  One of the best ways to get started is through an intentional, guided practice.  It might feel overwhelming to start on your own time,  so we want to welcome you to our Meditation and Breathwork class on Tuesdays at 6:30pm.  

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