The Top Ten Essential Oils, with Taylor Elliott

There is no shortage of health and wellness professionals in Greenville.  We are so fortunate to live in a community where people are active and conscientious about their health and overall wellness, in whatever form that might take. 

This month, I reached out to a local dōTERRA wellness advocate, Taylor Elliott, to get some of my own questions answered about the healing power of essential oils.  The scent of lavender or peppermint can make a room smell amazing, or a great massage memorable, but I also have my doubts about their true ability to “cure” anything when it comes to health issues.  I have been curious about the different uses for essential oils for a while now, and after running diffusers non-stop through cold and flu season, and as I sit here with oregano and frankincense oil on my body, Taylor assured me it wasn’t all for nothing.  I must also mention that neither Taylor, nor dōTERRA make any claims about curing specific ailments- essential oils are used to support our body systems for optimal function.

Q: Tell me, for those people who don’t know, what are essentials oils?

A: Essential oils are the true essence of a plant, distilled and bottled for use.  They are highly potent, concentrated, natural chemical compounds that, in nature, protect the tress and plants from which they are derived.  Because every essential oil varies in chemical compounds, aromas and benefits are also unique. When distilled properly, we can then harness those natural powers to help support our bodies in specific ways.

Q: How did you discover oils, and what drew you to them?

A: I first became aware of dōTERRA about 7 years ago through my sister. Her son was struggling with some breathing issues and she was introduced to one of its signature blends, “Breathe.” I was living in NYC at the time, it was winter, and she thought I might be interested to help combat the grey, winter gloom.  I got a diffuser and used the citrus scents to help lift my mood and feel more at home, since I’m from Florida.  I saw how quickly they impacted my mood and my body in a positive way, so I started experimenting little by little with other scents and applications.  I started detoxing my house, my cleaning supplies, hair and skin care, and then started taking them in vitamin form.  Getting on the dōTERRA vitamins (Lifelong Vitality Program) was a game changer.  This was what made me want to start telling everyone about their power and versatility. With consistency, my wellbeing improved drastically with better immune function, healthier digestive systems, better stress management, and enhanced sleep. I just knew that overall, I was healthier.

Q:  Tell me more about the specific results you saw so quickly? I think many people are skeptical of quick fixes and the placebo effect.

A:  I started out with lemon, because it’s affordable and can be used for many different things.  I would inhale it, and it was this immediate energizing sense.  My airways would clear, I was breathing better, and emotionally more fit to take on the day.  I then started putting two drops of lemon in my water each morning, and became much more healthy in a digestive way.  Next, I added “OnGuard,” another signature blend, to boost my immune system through the NYC winter, and then just kept going from there.  I’ve never looked back because I know that all aspects of my life are just a little bit better. For me, these aren’t quick fixes as I’ve been focused on using them to remove toxins from my home and my body. Consistent use of pure plant essential oil is the key to harnessing all the benefits and supporting our bodies to work as they should.

Q: Do you use the oils with your kids, and how?

A: Absolutely!  With proper dilution, they are all safe for kids, aside from a few that might have a higher propensity to skin sensitivity.  We have a daily routine, because I believe much of the power in the oils is found through consistency.  I personally love the dōTERRA line of kids’ vitamins and probiotics.  They both have diffusers in their rooms, and have been using rollers for various things since they were babies. They get an immune boosting blend on their feet whenever sickness seems to be prevalent; oils on the daily skin scrapes and occasional diaper irritations; diluted forms of lavender and tea tree after swimming to support healthy ear function etc.  One of the best things about all of the oils is that they are so versatile. 

Q:  There are a lot of essential oil companies in the market. What makes dōTERRA special?

A:  The purity of its oils (100% plant-based) and the transparency of the company.  I love their sustainable sourcing model and commitment to producing the highest quality essential oil in a way that protects the environment and provides fair treatment to everyone involved throughout the supply chain. I was particularly fond of my supply chain management classes in business school so felt great about aligning with dōTERRA in this regard. They create a sustainable economy for the communities in which these oils come from.  For example, instead of creating farms of lavender for harvest, they use lavender from where it is natively grown, in France.  The same is true for all of dōTERRA’s oils, and the people who have been growing and harvesting these plants for generations are very dedicated to their quality.  They are also paid fairly in relation to that quality, as dōTERRA is committed to supporting full circle sustainability for the growing, harvesting, and distilling of all its products. 

Q:  For those who are curious, what do you suggest is the best way to get started?

A:  I love consulting with people individually on this very question, to help them experiment, discover, and reach their wellness goals. You can contact me directly, or browse online here to get started as well.


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