Meal Delivery Services- Are they Worth It? Purple Carrot + Sakara

It's almost old news to have some type of food box delivered to your door on a regular basis these days.  Just 5 years ago, it was such a novel concept.  Now you can snap your fingers for anything to show up at your door step on any given day.  From traditional fare claiming to teach you how to cook gourmet, to the allergy friendly, gluten-free, organic and locally grown, to the 100% organic and plant-based!  Take your pick!  

I've had my fair share of experience with several of these, from convenience and budget based, ingredient mindful, and now solely focused on the healthiest option and concept of food as medicine.  

Sakara takes the cake!  It's a program that I wish I had access to years ago as underlying health issues started developing, and likely could have been prevented had I started eating this way earlier in my life.  

Don't you wish your fridge looked like this? 

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Even though Sakara is at the top of the market in terms of price per week, it's certainly worth it.  The meals are set each week, so you can't choose them, but they have all proven to be equally delicious.  No shopping, no cooking, no dishes, no regrets. 100% healthy, organic, plant-based ingredients.  Give it a try with our discount code for 20% off your first box or 10 day reset.  

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Not only are the meal programs amazing, there's also a clean boutique with high quality probiotics, energy bars, granola and super powders for smoothies and other recipes.  The clean boutique also includes the newly launched, "Sakara RX: The Foundation"- All the clean, high-quality essential nutrients you need each day for optimal health.  The supplements come in a daily pack with 6 pills each.  

Use our code for 20% off these goodies as well!

My countertop is just as happy as I am when I open this box each Tuesday!



Purple Carrot is my next favorite meal program.  It's totally plant-based, but the biggest difference, other than price, ($72/week) is you have to cook it.  Each box comes with three meals for two people, along with the recipe book for all the meals available that week.  You can pick and choose your meals each week based on gluten-free options, high protein, or nut-free.  This has been a game changer in our kitchen.  We've learned how to cook with a huge variety of plants that we'd never cooked with before, and are always impressed with the creativity and variety of each meal.  Click HERE for $30 off your first box, with code: CARROT30.  

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A recently prepared ramen noodle veggie bowl.  YUMM!  Step by step, cooking with Purple Carrot makes you feel like a real chef!

 Purple Carrot Meal Delivery and Discount Code

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