Holistic Nutrition Coaching, with Brady Godfrey

When you think of a wellness coach, what do you think of?  Someone who helps you stay on track to reach your personal health goals, a medical professional, a dietician, nutritionist, or even a fitness trainer? Quite often, the information overload is what causes people to have such a hard time making lifestyle shifts and major changes in order to live their healthiest lives. 

This month I had the opportunity to sit down with Brady Godfrey, local resident and health coach. If you’re looking for someone to help keep you accountable to reaching your health and wellness goals, this is a great place to start.

Q: With so many consumer options in the health and wellness industry, how do you best describe what you do?

A:  I am a holistic nutrition health coach. I look at the entire lifestyle of an individual to help them reach their goals.  It’s not just about nutrition, but also activity and lifestyle. I am HUGE on figuring out what works best for your own body because there isn’t a one size fits all solution.  Part of that includes mental and spiritual health.  I also focus on all the external forces that affect our health such as relationships, careers and stress management.

Q:  What are some tactics that you give your clients to help stay on their own path?

A:  I always teach my clients the art of resetting.  You are going to get off track.  I get off track.  It’s human nature, but I see a lot of people who get off track and then quit or give up.  A lot of people want to be all or nothing, but life gets in the way of that.  The ability to reset, even if it’s multiple times, is what ultimately creates the lifestyle shifts and changes that work. 

Q:  Do you have any specific resetting tools?  This seems like a powerful skill if people master it.

A:  The art of resetting is a valuable tool that can be used life long.  It’s what I’ve found works best in my personal life with three kids, and for most women.  There are so many people that want perfection, but if you know how to reset, you can get back on track without a major regression.

  1. Start with your breath and any negative thoughts – turn them into positive thoughts
  2. Know that whatever has happened to get you off track- it’s ok, and you can get right back on
  3. Try to find a support person to help encourage resetting , whether it’s a friend, a partner, or a health coach
  4. You have to know what works best for your body in order to reset it
  5. Stop eating out of a bag – grab whole foods and don’t worry about the details.

Q:  How much resetting do you think it takes before something becomes a habit?

A:  It really depends on what your lifestyle was before, as to how many times you might need to reset to create a lasting habit.  I am very big on knowing your trigger foods.  If you know what they are, then you can ask yourself whether it’s worth it.  Ask yourself how you physically feel in your body after you eat it.  Potato chips and fries- I am always going to want more.  I have some clients that can eat just 3 M&Ms, but I know sugar is also a trigger for me, so I just don’t eat it. You really need to give anything at least 21 days to see a change, to create good habits, and get the bad stuff out of your system. 

Q:  What do you think is the biggest challenge for someone to get started with a professional like yourself?

A:  We live in a wellness culture where people are bombarded with information.  Most of my clients come to me because they’re confused.   My biggest suggestion to everyone I see is to start with whole foods and then sincerely start listening to your body.  Start to go inward instead of listening to everything on the outside. Many people will start a plan that’s good for them, and then they read something with a different opinion, so they get sidetracked rather than listening to their own body.

Q: Everyone says it’s hard to stay on track when eating out.  What tips do you have for that challenge?

A:  Where ever you go, for the most part, you can piece together what I call, “The Magic Three.”  Whether you eat meat or not, this works for everyone:

  1. Protein
  2. Fat (FYI- Fat is NOT bad – sugar and processed foods are bad)
  3. Veggies

Stick to clean proteins, fats like avocados and nuts, and dark leafy greens and vegetables, which are items you can piece together at a restaurant.  Also know that you are not forced to eat, if it’s not going to make you feel good.  There are times, as a busy mom, where I take my kids to grab something quick, and I wait an hour to eat because I know I have something in my fridge that will make me feel much better than the current option.

Q: What are your best words of wisdom for anyone on the path to a healthier lifestyle? 

A:  Wellness is an individual journey.  Stay on your own path.  Not your friend’s, or your mom’s, or your sister’s.  Listen to your body, eat whole foods, and limit your intake of added sugar to 20-30g per day.

How can people find you?

IG: @bradybgodfrey



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