Different Yoga Styles & How they Benefit your Health

Yoga is an amazing practice to implement into your weekly (or even daily) routine. There are several benefits that come along with each style of yoga - Yoga increases flexibility, increases muscle tone and strength, improves circulatory and cardiovascular health, improves posture, detoxifies organs, and improves anxiety and depression just to name a few. Keep reading below to find out which yoga class works best for you! 

Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga is considered to be a gentle and relaxed style of yoga class that works to bring peace throughout the body and assist in deepening ones meditation and/or spiritual practice. Hatha Yoga is an amazing class for beginners or new students. 

Vinyasa Yoga
Vinyasa Yoga combines both breath and movement to flow through a faster paced series of sun salutations. The art of this class is continuously keeping your movement and breath work synchronized throughout the course of the class. 

Ashtanga Yoga 
Ashtanga Yoga is an intense class that pushes your body to the limits while aiming to surpass any mental blocks you may have. This class serves to improve mental clarity, breathing, strength and endurance as you rapidly move through a sequence of postures.

Power Yoga
This Vinyasa style yoga class is both an aerobic and strength-building workout. It closely resembles Ashtanga, however instructors have the the freedom and flexibility to arrange their class and poses as they would like as opposed to following an Ashtanga sequence.

Yin Yoga 
This slow paced style of class flows throughout a series of poses that are held for a minimum of 5 minutes. One would naturally assume this would be an easier paced class, however it is more challenging due to the length of time that each pose is being held. This class aims to improve both circulation and flexibility.

Restorative Yoga
This class style boasts a gentle and relaxing flow that allows one to melt into their practice and fully relax the body. These poses can be held up to ten minutes, however these poses are heavily propped and supported with blocks, bolsters, straps and even blankets to allow one to ease into each pose. 

Let us know what style of yoga works best for you! If you'd like to read further on our recently added Holiday Restorative Yoga, click the link here to read about our instructor, Maria Kugler's take on this class HERE!

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