Aerial Yoga at C.O.R.E. grow strong.

Beginning August 12, 2022, in cooperation with Maya Movement Arts, we are excited to announce Aerial Yoga as the newest addition to our studio schedule.

Aerial Yoga Greenville, SC


An aerial yoga hammock option for all levels! No experience required. This is a low-hanging aerial class that treats the hammock as a prop to challenge balance poses or deepen stretch poses rather than as a dance partner where each move is the same whether 5 feet above the ground or 50 feet! This is a truly accessible class for anyone wanting to try something new.

Our Aerial Yoga classes will always include :

- a warm-up : feel-good moves to warm up the joints and familiarize the student with the feeling of the hammock, as well as safety considerations.

- a conditioning portion : strength building drills easily modified to all levels (think pull-ups, loads of core and maybe planks, oh my!).

- a standing balance portion : single-leg standing balance moves and stretching poses which treat the hammock as an unstable prop, as well as introduce the concept of “active” or “dynamic” flexibility training. No hanging around into gravity in this section!

- inversions and cocoons : depending on the difficulty level of class, students will learn inversions here which mimic the gravity-embracing effects of an inversion table. Every class, expect to crawl completely into the hammock and suspend time and your body weight for minutes during a cocoon savasana.

Safety notes are clearly taught and enforced in all classes, as well as spotting when there is the need. There is no need to be able to do a pull-up before you begin your aerial career; however, these classes are not intended as "shoulder therapy," so please refrain from class if you are nursing an acute shoulder injury or call the studio to ask if class is appropriate.

Aerial Yoga Studio Greenville SCAerial Yoga Studio Greenville SC


$30/per class

----Class Policies----

1. Advance Registration // Students MUST book their class in advance directly through the C.O.R.E. studio link. Walk-ins are Highly discouraged.

2. Dress Code // Please note and follow the dress code for classes : it is intended to protect your skin as much as possible from the apparatus. Hanging from or swiveling in an apparatus can cause tender spots, bruises or silk/rope burn. These are normal, and their occurrence lessens with time & consistency. Please exit a pose early if needed, while building up a tolerance to the pressure, and please never ignore any sensation of pain. Students should wear T-shirts that cover the armpits and pants that cover the backs of the knees. Students who wear shorts or crop tops to class may be prohibited from taking class that day. (Sleeves protect the hammock from deodorant, as well, which can speed the fabric's decay.) Clothing should be form-fitting, as loose or baggy material can get caught in the hammock, or fall over students' faces when they invert. Clothing that is especially slippery feeling will not grip the hammock as snuggly, which beginners may want at first.

3. Lotion + Scents // Do NOT wear lotion or heavy scents (body odor, perfume or essential oils). Please be courteous and avoid smoking prior to class, or any other activities that leave a lingering smell and could make your hammock uninhabitable for the student immediately after you.

4. Jewelry // NO jewelry, as it may snag the silks (especially rings or watches with sharp edges, and earrings. Please note, you will be asked to remove ALL jewelry before being allowed to join class. No exceptions). No zippers or clothing with sharp edges. No gum chewing.

5. Mats + Socks // Students must bring their own yoga mat, and it must always be used (even during pictures). The studio has rental mats available if you forget. Pilates grippy socks are recommended, both to keep feet from direct contact with the hammocks and to better grip the mat and floor. Regular socks will work if you forget your grippy socks, or the studio has grippy socks for sale. Water is provided, but bring a bottle.

6. Injuries + Medical Issues // Please alert Kelly before class if you suffer from easy bruising, low blood pressure, chronic light headedness, or nausea (i.e. the one who always gets car sick). If you feel you are getting dizzy during class, take a break or a sip or water and wait for it to pass. Also, please alert Kelly of ANY injuries before class begins. A full list of medical conditions relevant to aerials are listed on the student waiver, but especially in regards to balance issues (vertigo, inner ear issues), shoulder considerations (rotator cuff damage, hyper flexible joints), any hardware or fusions in spine, past C-sections (scar tissue) and/or abdominal tears (Diastasis Recti). Refrain from any aerial class (and any inversion) for at least 24 hours after a Botox injection. Kelly reserves the right to prohibit a student from taking class in the case of an injury where aerials could be contraindicated.

7. Sickness // Do NOT come to the studio if you are sick. Kelly reserves the right to send sick students home out of respect for others' health. Please wash your hands before your aerial class, to prevent the spread of germs from student to apparatus as much as possible.

8. Tardiness // Please be 5-10 minutes EARLY to each class, as hammocks may need to be adjusted to the student’s height, so we can start on time. (Also, new students will need extra time to sign a waiver.) Each class begins with a warm-up to protect students from injury. Late students will not be admitted to class due to safety risks of skipping warm-ups and the disruption of class to rig a late student. During the evenings, the parking lot can be tight, and sometimes parking on the side streets is necessary. Please plan ahead to avoid stress or losing your spot in class.

9. Cancellation Window // The studio has a 12-hour cancellation window. That means if you “late cancel” your class registration less than 12 hours before the class start time, you will be charged for the full class fee. This is due to the limited amount of hammocks.

10. Safety // Safety is paramount. All safety guidelines must be followed. Acting outside these guidelines, or putting others at risk warrants removal from class. Mats must always stay under each apparatus. No peer teaching. Do not try moves you have not been taught. Please do Not expect to improvise moves during class. Cues are specific and consistent for your safety.

11. Exiting Poses // In class, please be mindful about exiting a move with impact or sound. Learning how much clearance is available in relation to the floor is an important principle of aerials, and rough landings imply a lack or awareness of clearance and/or a student trying a modification beyond their current skill set. Also, exiting moves quietly and slowly build the strength needed one day to enter the move without momentum.

12. Demos + Spotting // When observing a new move being demonstrated, students are asked to watch without trying along. Please stay on the ground during the demo, so that the coach can spot you appropriately if needed. Kelly provides acrobatic spotting. Students who refuse spotting may not be allowed to try the move.

13. Time after Class + Phones // The time after/between classes is for getting the next group of students rigged and ready. Phones are a distraction during class and NOT allowed. Instagrammers, do not worry! Kelly will leave a few minutes during the end of class for students to retrieve their phones and take pictures, but this should not interfere with prepping for the next class. During picture time, students may only practice moves they learned in class that day. This is not the time for asking to learn new moves from scratch once the teacher is "off the clock." Also, peer sharing/teaching during this time is not allowed.

14. Minors // For aerial yoga, only students 16 and older may take class. Students 16 and 17 years old must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian on file Before they can take class. No exceptions.

15. Pregnancy // Pregnant students are Not Allowed to Start aerial classes. (If you are a current aerial student who becomes pregnant, please alert Kelly.)

16. Previous Aerial Experience // Previous aerial experience is completely unnecessary, but please let Kelly know if you have taken an aerial class before. If so, describe the type/apparatus and level of class.

17. Judgement Free // The studio is a judgment free zone. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, or ask for a spot. Negative or competitive talk directed to yourself or others is not acceptable.

** All classes are taught and directed in cooperation with Kelly VanLeeuwen and Maya Movement Arts **